Why Use a Ground Rent Agency?

If you are looking to sell your freehold ground rents then you want to achieve a number of outcomes. Firstly you want to ensure you actually find a buyer and secondly you want to achieve as much as possible for your ground rents and finally you want the sale to complete.

You might find a buyer privately but this is a specialist market and you may well undersell your ground rents as there are quite a few factors to take into account when arriving at a figure your freehold is worth. We know how to value your ground rents, whether the increases are 5 yearly, 10 yearly or 25 yearly or if they're linked to the retail price index or the Halifax house price index or if the lease is 999 years, 125 years, 99 years or under 80 years.

Having sold ground rent investments with units between 2 and 100 we are truly versed with the ground rent market. We have an impressive list of over 200 ground rent investors and can put your details in front of them within hours of being instructed.

Currently there is a very strong appetite for ground rent investments due to the current economic climate and we are receiving good offers within days of sending your freehold ground rent to our active ground rent buyers.

Ground Rent Sales are very knowledgeable in this specialist market and have sold many freehold ground rents over the years for developers and insolvency practitioners and get repeat business from ground rent sellers which is always pleasing and confirms we provide a good service and achieve the highest prices when selling ground rents.

We are confident we will always achieve the highest price for your ground rent, so if you have a ground rent for sale why not give our Ground Rent Agency a call.

More ground rents information

We are pleased to provide a wealth of information on ground rents within our website. One of our most popular web resources is our ground rent frequently asked questions section. We have also noted one of the areas that concern people most is section 5 notices so we created that page to answer all the questions you may have on section 5 notices.