Reversionary Ground Rents

We have cash buyers that are interested in buying freehold ground rents where the leases are under 80 years. We have sold a lot of these over the years all over the country and always achieve the highest price for this type of ground rent investment and are currently experiencing a high demand from our investors.


Please call us on 0208 1331221 to find out how much your freehold ground rent might be worth.


UK Ground Rents Urgently Wanted

If you are a freeholder that has freehold ground rents to sell we can help you achieve the highest sale price.

We have a large number of buyers that are always looking to buy these types of property investments across Britain.


Current Financial Climate in the UK and mainland Europe.

The ground rent market is currently still very active. Financial restrictions are being placed on companies by banking instituitions, however the ground rent market is proving resilient.


With the banks still reluctant to lend money to many companies, we have a large number of investors including pension companies that are cash purchasers so do not require funding and are looking to buy freehold ground rents because they are a solid investment providing a steady income stream.

If you have a portfolio to sell we would like to hear from you. In some cases you may be able to sell your investment without serving section 5a notices. This is possible if it is a company sale or if you are selling a newly built block.


Please contact us to see how we can help