Ground Rents Under 80 years

If you own a freehold where the leases are under 80 years, you might be surprised by the value of the freehold, obviously, the less years remaining on the lease the more valuable the freehold will be.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of working out the enfranchisement value and have sold many freeholds with short leases over the years, achieving very high prices from our investors who are always wanting to add to their existing portfolios.

We would be pleased to hear from you if you own a freehold with 2 flats or a block of flats containing many more and are confident we will achieve you the highest market price.

More ground rents information

We are pleased to provide a wealth of information on ground rents within our website. One of our most popular web resources is our ground rent frequently asked questions section. We have also noted one of the areas that concern people most is section 5 notices so we created that page to answer all the questions you may have on section 5 notices.