Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP19 (SOLD 2013)

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Ground Rent Details

Ground Rents Sold >> Long Leases

  • No. of Units34
  • Total Income £ 4,025
  • Length of Lease125
  • Lease Start DateSep 1988
  • Details of UpliftIncome doubles to £8,050 next September, then increases by £125 every subsequent 25 years on the flats and the shops increase by £100 every 25 years.
  • Date of Next UpliftSept 2013
  • Management/InsuranceY/Y
  • Price£ 169,050
  • Any Further CommentsFreehold ground rent in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Please call for further information. GROUND RENTS URGENTLY REQUIRED - BEST PRICES ALWAYS ACHIEVED

101 year leases and Ground rent doubles to £8,050 next September.
25 flats each paying £125 p.a. and 9 shops paying £100 p.a. FH manages and insures.
The pub/restaurant pays peppercorn ground rent on 125 year lease and the FH insures but does not magage.


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