Ground Rents on 54 units in Ormskirk, West Lancashire (SOLD 2014)

Ground Rent Details

Ground Rents Sold >> Long Leases

  • No. of Units54
  • Total Income £ 5,400
  • Length of Lease150
  • Lease Start Date1/1/2005
  • Details of Uplifteach unit increases by £100 after 25 years, then by £200 each subsequent 25 years .
  • Date of Next Uplift1/1/2030
  • Management/InsurancePlease See below
  • Price£ 91,800
  • Any Further Commentsground rents in Ormskirk, West Lancashire. Please call for further information. GROUND RENTS URGENTLY REQUIRED - BEST PRICES ALWAYS ACHIEVED

The lessees each own a share in the management company but they appoint the current freeholder to manage and insure and the FH charges management fees and collects commission on the insurance policy.


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